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Warning: We do not ask for any upfront fees for a loan or make unsolicited calls. There is currently a scam being carried out by fraudsters pretending to be us, never accept a loan from someone calling or emailing purporting to be from Starloans.org.uk.

Remember we will never call or Email, Messaging to you and neither asks for any kind of loan fees.

We are a FCA authorised credit broker, Not a direct lender

Please Note: We are not offer any Instant, Quick Or Fast Loans, Lenders only provide money, if you approved.


A Quick Loan Alternative from Star Loans is help you to manage your monthly unexpected expense.

Money on Demand

Cash when you need it most! We understand your need.


All 100% online application. As per registered with data protection policy & FCA.

24/7 Online Application

As an online credit broker, you can apply anytime anywhere.

What are Quick Loans UK Alternative?

When you’re faced with financial difficulties

Quick Loans or Fast Loans UK Alternatives from Star Loans?

At Star Loans, we can offer an instalment loan UK if you approved, built to help the peoples from financial emergencies. At Star Loans lenders in our broker panel offer money, if you approved. We also offer 24×7 online service, 365 days a year. You can also apply and get money on weekends and bank holidays.

Our online application form process is simple and fast, allowing customers to lend amount up-to £1000 and repay their loan over 1, 2 or 3 repayment periods.

Same Day Loans

Instant Loans Alternative

An instant loan is a form of short term loans offered at higher interest rates.

Instalment Loans

Quick Loans Bad Credit

The difference between these loan is the amount of time to repay and the number of payments arranged.

15.) Some Quick FAQs.

Quick Payday Loans Alternative & How to Apply

Find out what payday loan online alternatives you can get from Loans Info below.

instant cash loans choose a lender which nearest you.

Quick Loans (Alternative) Fast Loans (Alternative)
instant cash loans Lenders will never offer any cash loans.
instant payday loans Lenders never offer an instant loan
instant loans bad credit Yes
quick cash loans No
quick loans bad credit Yes
instant money loans We offer Upto £1000 short term loans
fast payout loans Loans can be funded within 3 hours of approval*
quick loans same day We also provide small loans
instant decision loans Lenders never offer a instant loan.

Quick Loan Today from Star Loans

We all want everything quicker these days. We’re always looking for quicker ways for our daily commute, and we start tapping our feet whenever we queue for longer than 30 seconds.

When it comes to taking out a Star loan we don’t want to spend time trying to make sense of the legal jargon. We also don’t want to be waiting weeks for the outcome of your loan applications to be approved.

We want to be able to go through a quick application process. Ideally, we want to do it online, so we can use our phone or laptop while watching TV or eating dinner. Above all, we want the money in our bank account ASAP


What are the Best Quick Loans no Guarantor?

There are lots of short term loans available from different lenders, which makes the process of finding the best one a little difficult.

The remark ‘quick loans’ is perhaps is associated with payday loans. This isn’t very accurate though as other types of finance can pay out just as quickly.

Unlike payday loans, which must be paid back in a single lump sum, the best loans are repaid in affordable instalments. These are often referred to as short term loans. They’re typically loans for small amounts, usually under £1,000, and are repaid over a period between three months to a year.

How to Get an Instant Loan Bad Credit?

The internet is a great way of getting things done quickly. We can order pizza, find a car or buy a white good;whatever we want, it’s only a few clicks away.

We can also use the internet to search and apply for a loan. This is handy since the reason we usually need a quick loan is because something has happened out of the blue and we’re in need of a short term loan.

How do These Same Day Loans work?

The great thing about Star loans is how fast the decision is made and the loan is paid out.

Once the online application is complete, a decision can be made instantly. If the loan is approved, the funds will be deposited into your account within an hour (if you apply between 6am and 11pm).

How much can I borrow?

As a new customer, you can apply to borrow between £100 and £1,000. If you’re already a customer, you can apply for up to £2,000.

Apparently, the amount we agree is dependent on several factors, plus what you need the money for and the amount you are able to repay.